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March 18, 1924. 1,487,085 R. K. BLACKSHEAR PASTE TUBE AND BRUSH HOLDER Filed July 27, 1922 Patented Mar. 18, 1924.- ROBERT K. EBLACKSHEAB, OF CORSICANA, PASTE-TUBE AN D BRUSH HOLDER. Application filed July 27, 1923. Serial No. 654,197. To all whom. it. may concern: Be it known that 1, ROBERT K. BLACK- SHEAR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Corsicana, in the county of Navarro and State of Texas, have invented new and useful Im rovements in Paste- Tube and Brush olders, of which the following is a specification. T My invention relates to and has for its purpose the provision of aldevice for holding a tube of tooth paste in upri ht position to facilitate application of t e paste to a tooth brush, my invention including a bracket which operates tosecurely clamp the nozzle of a paste tube, irrespective of its size, thus rendering the bracket univer-' sally adaptable to all paste tubes. It is also a purpose of my invention to provide a holding device of the above described character which includes a closure for the nozzle of the paste tube which prevents contamination of the paste thus dispensing with the use of the usual closure cap so that the tedious operation of screwing and unscrewing the cap is eliminated. A further purpose of my invention is to provide a holding device which, in addition to holding a paste tube, also provides means for supporting a plurality of tooth brushes; the invention being of extremely simple and inexpensive construction to permit of its being manufactured at a minimum cost. Although I have herein shown and will describe only one form of holding device embodying my invention, it is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be made herein without departing from the spirit of the invention and the spirit and scope of the appended claims. In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a view showing in perspective one form of holding device embod ing my invention and showing a paste tu e and tooth brush applied thereto. Fig. 2 is a view showing in side elevation and partly in section the holding device shown in Figure 1. Fig. 3 is a top plan view of the holding device with the bracket jaws in released position. Referring specifically to the drawings, in which similar reference characters refer to similar parts, my invention, in its present embodiment, comprises a plate 15 of any desired shape but of sufiicient size to allow of the a 'plication of advertisin matter thereto. h1s plate 15 is provide with an outwardly bent portion 16, which is adapt ed to be engaged by a screw 17 for securmg the plate as a unit to the wall. Outstruck ears 18 are formed in the late to receive pivot pins 19 formed on t e ends of the curved arms 20 constituting a part of a closure member 21. lhe member 21 is provided with a concave portion 22 which 1s adapted to receive the nozzle 23 of a paste tube 24 so as to close the latter to prevent contamination of the contents of the tube. The closure member 21 is also rovlded with an operating lip 25 whic is adapted to be gripped in moving the closure from the closed position shown in Figure 1 to that shown in Figure 2. Extending at right angles from the late 15 is a bracket by which the tube 24 is a apted tobe supported in upright positionas shown. This bracket, in the present instance, is made of a single length of resilient wire bent between its ends to provide an upstanding loop 26, which is adapted to be interposed between the outwardly bent portion 16 of the plate 15 and the wall to which the plate is attached. The shank of the screw 17 is adapted to be extended throughlthe loop 26, as clearly shown in Figure 2 so that the screw not only serves to secure the plate to the wall, but also to secure the bracket in horizontal position. From the loop 26 the wire forming the bracket is extended to provide jaws 27 curved to conform to the contour of the nozzle 23 of the tube 24 and to normally grip the latter so as to sustain the tube in upright position. Owing to the inherent resilienc of the wire of which the bracket is forme the jaws 27 are normally urged toward each other so as to occupy a clamping osition with respect to the nozzle 23. The aws may be moved to released position by means of extensions 28 formed on the outer ends of the jaws, such extensions being arranged in overlapping relation and extending in opposite directions, as clearly shown in Figures 1 and 3. These extensions 28 are bent upon themselves to provide loops 29 in which tooth brushes are adapted to be supported in the manner illustrated. 'In applying the paste tube 24 to the bracket, the jaws 27 can be expanded to allow the insertion of the nozzle 23 by forcing the loops 29 toward each other in the man ner illustrated in lEi re 3.- With the nozzle 23 inserted, the oops 29 are released, thereby permitting the was 27 to move to clampmg vposition with respect to the nozzle. The paste tube is thus securely held in upright position with the discharge end of 't e nozzle 23 disposed above the bracket so as to allow the dispensing of the paste by sqiieezing the tube in the usual manner. It will be understood-that the paste may be a plied to a tooth brush by wiping the brus across the mouth of the nozzle, and in this manner the operator can clearly see ghe amount of paste being applied to the rush. When the paste is not being dispensed from the tube, the closure 21 is swung downwardly to the closed position shown in lEi ure 2, thereby efiectively sealing the nozz e so that the paste is not expose to the air to harden or to be contaminated by foreign elements. resilient metal bent between its ends to form a loo -which is disposed beneath the outward y bent portion so asvto be engaged by said screw, jaws extendinig at an angle from ineaoee the loop andnormally urged to clamping position, and extensions on the jaws overapplng and projecting in opposite directions, said extenslons being bent to provide loops for the purpose described. 2. A- paste tube supporting bracket compnsmg a single length of resilient wire ent between its ends to form a fastener receiving loop, arallel jaws extending perpendicularly mm the loo and normally springing to clamping position, and right angle extensions on the jaws overlappin, an projecting in opposite directions, said extensions being bent to provide loops for tooth brush handles. 3. A paste tube supporting bracket comprising a single length of resilient metal out between its ends toprovide a pair of aradlel jaws normally s rin ing to clamplng position, and a air 0 rig t angle terminal extensions on t e jaws so arran ed that when forced toward each other the aw's are moved to release position. d. In a holding device'of the character described, .a bracket comprising parallel jaws normally urged to clamping position, extensions on the aws adapted to be actuated for moving the jaws to released position, and brush receiving loops formed on the outer ends of the extensions. In testimony whereof I havwsigned my name to this specification. nonnn'r K'BLACKSHEAR. till



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