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March 4 1924. H. E. SPOE1"'EMAN ET AL STORAGE BATTERY BOX Filed April 18.4 1921 @4a @16a/www?? Patented Mar. 4, 1924. UNITED STATES 1,48s,i3s PATENT OFFICE. l HARRY E. SPOENEMAN AND CARI.. G. SCHWARZ, OF ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, ASSIGNC 51.3 TG :PANAMA RUBBER AND EQUIPMENT TION F MISSOURI. CO., OF ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, A CORPORA- STORAGE-BATTERY BOX. Application med April 1s, 1921. serial 462,198. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that we, Hanni' E. SroENE- MAN and CARL G. Sciiwnuz, citizens of the. United States, and residents of the city ot 5 St. Louis and State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in- Storage-Battery Boxes, of which the fol- Y lowing is a specification containing a full, clear, and exact description, reference. being l0 had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof. Our invention relates to improvements in storage battery boxes and has for its primary object a storage battery box constructed of acid proof metal for containing the battery cells. A further object is to construct a storage battery box of acid proof metal -and line the same on its sides and bottom with removable sheets of resilient acid proof and non-deteriorating material which eliminates breakage of battery jars due to road shocks and the like. In the drawings, Fig. 1 is a top plan view ofour improved box with the jars located therein. Fig. 2 a side elevationy with portions broken away and in section. Fig. 3 a fragmental end view of the same, sl'owin one of the handles. Fig. 4. a ragmental perspeetiveof the box, showing thepreinforcing ribs. In the construction of our box we employA a box having side walls 5 and 6, end walls 7 and8 and a bottom 9. This box is made of acid resisting metal such as lead or the like and is provided with stitfening ribs 10. The ends 7 and 8 are also provided with handles 11. These handles may be formed 40 either integral with the box, or may be secured theretoV by any suitable means, such as riveting or burning on. Our box may also be molded in one piece or made in sei eral parts and then assembled and burned together so that the sides and bottom will be practically integral. Placed o'n the four sides and the bottom are removable sheets .of relatively thick resilient material 12. These sheets are farmed of a composition 'n of vegetable .oil magnesia and sulphur chloride and are acid resisting and resilient. These sheets are for the purpose of preventing the jars within the box from breaking, and are of material which is non-deteriorating or crystallizing and docs not harden with age, but always remains resilient. It will be noted. from Fig. 1 that when the battery jars 13 are placed in position, this resilient material is slightly compressed, thus holding the jars against movement. -When the battery is used `in an automobile by the use of our construction it is not necessary .to secure the jars within t-he box by the use of pitch as at present where wooden boxes are used. The resilient lining of the box acts as a shock absorber for theja-rs and prolongs their life as well as lessening the shock imparted to the battery plates contained in these jars. This also lessens the tendency of the terminals which project through the cover of the jar from working loose and allowing the electrolyte to splash up on top of the jars. Our box is preferably constructed of lead', although any other acid proof metal will answer the purpose. Our ox not only protects the jars, but' has an additional function of protecting theholder in which the box is placed. It has been found that where wooden boxes are used, these boxes are coated with an acid proof paint, but in the event of the'breakage .of the jar, the acid will seep into the cracks and not only destroy the box, but also atv. tack the metal container in which the box is located, or if placed on the floor of an automobile under the seat, will attack the body of the machine. The method `of lining our box is as follows- After the box is completed, a sheet of resilient material is placedon the bottom. This sheet is exactly the same size as the interior of the box so that it will fit snugly therein. Two sheets aie than placed in the box, one at each end. These ,sheets contact withthe sides of the box and rest'on the sheet in the bottom. Finally a sheet of material is placed along each side of the box. These sheets are of such a length as to contact with the sheets placed against the ends '100 -V of the box and also reet on the bottom sheet. The upper ends of the last four mentioned sheets terminate. flush with the upperedge of the box The sheets are of such a size as to #it tightly against' each other when in 105 position. This holds them in position and greventsthem from falling down before the attery Jars are inserted, and as previously l. @t storage battery `box .eompiising' an v integrally formed acid resisting metallic i tom, e sheet of scid resistingresilient mit. and extending vfrom side to side, and- :ilshee't of resilient acid resisting material 'locatedbox., 'fi-sheet of acid resisting resilient me,- leiial located inside said box and on .its botterinl, placed at each end of the box, said sheets resting .on Vthe first mentioned sheet on'each side of the box, said sheets resting on thebottoxn sheet and contacting with the end sheets. 2. A storage battery box comprising an integrally formed acid resisting metallic box, a sheet of acid resisting resilient melfV l teriel4 located inside said box and on its bottom, a sheet (yf-acid resisting resilient materiel placed et eachend Aof thefbox, said sheets resting on the Erst =.mentioned sheet and extending from side to side, and a sheet otresilient acid lresisting material located on each side of the box, said sheets resting -on thefbot-tom sheet and contacting with the end sheets, and a plurality of cells located Within the bo'x and contacting-With the,- sheets' of resilientf' material wherebyv said Ycells and-'sheetsnre firmly held ii'ithin'the liox Without the ing means 3. The store use' of any extraneous `securgebattery box of claim 1 in lwhich the resilient-seid resisting sheets are formedof 'a composition of vegetable oil, magnesio and sul lniIvchlOride. In testimony. W ereof,'we lieve-signed om` names to this specification. i HARRY sPoN-EMAN; 'CARL rG.-scHvvfAnz.l



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