Switchman's flag

  • Inventors: FREAR FRED
  • Assignees: Frear Fred
  • Publication Date: February 19, 1924
  • Publication Number: US-1484485-A



Patented Feb.. 1Q, w24, FRED FREAR, OF MONETT, MISSOUR. SWITCHMANS FLAG. Application led April 5, To all 'whom t may concern.' Beit known that FRED FREAR, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Monett, in the county of Barry and State of Missouri, has invented new and useful Im proveniente in Switchmens Flags, of which the following is a specification. The object of the invention is to provide a simple and eflicient construction of signalling flag for the use of switchmen, gra-temen and the like stationed on railway lines for protection particularly at crossings; and more particularly to provide a flag for use in this connection which may readily be folded or collapsed into compact form for storage or more particularly to permit of its being suspended from the belt of the flacman so as to be within convenient reach when required; and with this object in View the invention consists in a construction and combination of parts of which a preferred embodiment is shown in the accompanying drawings, whereinz- Figure 1 is a view of a flag in its operative or in unfurled condition. Figure 2 is a view of the same with the staff collapsed and the fabric portion of the flag folded readv for rollingr on the staff. Figure 3 is a view of the device in its folded or furled condition. The staff consists of a plurality of telescoping sections including the grip section 1() and the movable sections 11 of which any desired number may be employed with, for example, a suspension ring: 12 in the free end of the grip section and a washer 13 secured to the free end of the terminal movable section, and carried by the staf is the Hag proper indicated at 14E which is provided at its inner edge with a binder cord 15 terminally attached respectively to the grip section 1() of the statt` and the washer 13 so 1923. Serial No. 630,983. that when the staff is extended the marginal cord is tensioned to hold the flag in an extended condition for signalling purposes. When the staif is collapsed as indicated in Figure 2, the intermediate portion of the flag should be folded upon itself and engaged under a springl retaining finger 16 carried by the grip portion of the staff whereupon the folded flag may be rolled upon the staff into the condition indicated in Figure 3 and may be secured by means of encircling bands 17 of flexible and preferably contractible material such as rubber bands from which the flag may readily be released when it is desired to extend the same for signalling purposes. In this folded a nd rolled condition a signalling device occupying a min imum of space may be suspended by means of a cord 18 or its equivalent from a waist band or belt 19 within convenient reach of the ilagman when required. Having described the invention, what is claimed as new and useful is In combination with a flag having' a binder cord applied to one edge thereof, a flag holder consisting of a staff comprising a plurality of telescoping sections includingr grip and terminal sections, and means for securinga the extremities of the binder cord to the eX- tremities of the grip and terminal sections, the grip sections adiacent the extremity remote from that to which the cord is secured being provided with a spring retaining linger adapted to frictionally engage the field of the flag when the sections are collapsed and the flag is folded, said retaining linger at its edge abutting against the side of the cord to permit rolling the folded flag on the collapsed stall". ln testimony whereof he afixes his signature. FRED FREAR.



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