Cart with sidewards-tiltable bridge



' J. QCHSNER CART WITH SIDEWARDS TILTABLE BRIDGE Filed Nov. 16. 1921 2 sheets-sum 1 Jan. 8 9 1924. Ema, 8, i924. J. ocHsNER CART WITH SIDEWARDS TILTABLE BRIDGE 2 Sheet-Sheet 2 Filed Nov. 16 1921 Patented Jan. 8, 1924. UNITED CART was enemies-anemia amen 'A jiplieation iile d lioveinbr 16, T21. Serial 5T0. 515,445. To. all whomit may cb r'it'erii: Be it kn ownthat I JA'ooe Ooiisiifiiz, citizen of Switzerland, residing at the canton of Zurich fa nd Republic of Switzerland, have invented certain ,iiew ancl useful Improvements "in, Carts with Sidewards-Tiltable Bridges, of which 'th' follow in is a specification. y invention relates'broadlyto dumping carts and more particularly to certain provements in theconstru ction of a tilting arrangement therefor. H The invention has for its object CO 15rd vide an apparatus of character having a tiltable bridge supported at both ends in a frame which-is carried bya beam capable of being adjusted outwardly from either side of the cart. a l A further object; of this invention is to provide an improved construction for dumping carts which is strong and durable in construction and efficient in operation and which may be employed on wagons, trucks and motor vehicles. The invention'is illustratively exemplified in the accompanying drawings, in which, Figure 1 is aside elevational view of the dumping cart supported on a motor vehicle; Figure 2 is an end elevational view of the dumping apparatus; Figure 3 is a similar view of the same showing the supporting beam extended and the body portion in tilted position; Figure 4 is a detail view of the means used to support the tilting bridge; and Figure 5 is a detail view of the bevel gear mechanism for controlling the operation of the dumping apparatus. Referring to the drawings, a denotes the body of the cart which is supported on rollers 72 and near each end of which is a beam 0. The beams 0 carry rollers cl supported and guided in a longitudinal frame 6 forming a fixed part of the framework of the machine. Projecting below the beam and being an integral part thereof is a rack which is engaged by a gear 9 carried on the shaft h, the latter being disposed under the body a and extending longitudinally through the center of the machine. The shaft h projects outwardly from the rear of the machine and is connected to a crank handle z for imparting rotary movement thereto by means of a pair of bevel gears is, worm gear m and worm wheel Z which is mounted on the end of the shaft h. The front and rear walls of the body a carry segmental plates 0 which project below -the loweredge of 'thefbo'dy and are provided with two sets of three pegs p, a set being disposed at each side of the center of the plate andarranged on an are having the center of the radii thereof on a plane level with the 'ce r$ o the rollrs The pegs project on a plane substantially parallel with the longitudinal plane of the cart a d are adapted to engage in a pair of notches disposed in the upper edge of a plate '9 which 'is supported on the name. 6. There is a plate at each side of the body a and the notches thereof'are so disposed that the pegs p when engaged therein tend to hold the adjusted positions oft-he body, as shown in Figure 4. The bridge piece a. carryiii'g the body portion a is provided with downwardly projecting wedge shaped pieces 1' which are disposed so as to engage the periphery of the rollers b, in the manner hereinafter described. The inclination of the engaging surface of the wedges is directed away from the center of the body. The longitudinal side walls of the body a are composed of plates 6 which are provided with angular end portions pivoted on pegs or pins 8 which in turn are carried by the upper portion of the body substantially in the center thereof. The lower edge of the plate t is provided with a curved rail -v which is adapted to engage a longitudinal arm it carried by the beam 0. In operation the dumping cart is manipulated as follows: Assuming the body portion a. and the beam 0 are in normal positions over the frame 6 of the cart, the crank handle 71 is rotated in one direction or the other, depending upon which side of the cart the load is to be deposited. This operation causes the shaft h to revolve and with it the gears g, whereupon the rack f and beam 0 move transversely of the cart and seated in the notches, as shown in Figure During this operation the plate t is engaged along the rail '2) by the arm a and is lifted about the pins or pegs s and away from the floor-of the body a; to release the material therein. It will be noted that the dumping action of the body a and the lifting movement of the plate t is carried out very rapidly so that the material leaves the body a in a complete charge as soon as the plate is separated from the floor of the device. What I claim is 1. In a dumping arrangement for vehicle bodies, the combination with a fixed guide frame, of a body frame slidably mounted in said guide frame, a tiltable body carried by the second frame, means for moving the second frame transversely with respect to the fixed frame, and. complementary engagingmeans carried by the fixed frame and the said body for limiting the travel of the body frame and for providing a fulcrum about which the inclination of the body frame is adjusted 2. A dumping arrangement for vehicle bodies, as claimed in claim 1, in which the complementary engaging means comprise upright notched plates disposed at opposite ends of the fixed frame, and segmental opposite ends thereof, and means carried 7 by the body andadapted to engage the said rollers for imparting a primary tilting position of the said body frame whereby the latter assumes a slight inclination prior to its full outward movement, with respect to the fixed frame. 4:. A dumping arrangement bodies, as claimed in claim 1, in which the body is provided with longitudinally ivoted side Walls,.and means carried by the slidable body frame for engaging the free edge of the said side walls whereby the body having assumed a certain inclination the side wall on the low side will be swung about its pivot to discharge the contents. In testimony whereof I have affixed my signature. JACOB OCHSNEB. for vehicle



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