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I Fatented Dec. 25, 1923. NITED STATES ROBERT C. RUSSELL, 0F PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA. CARD INDEX. To all whom zr may concern.' Be it known that I, ROBERT C. RUSSELL, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Pittsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Card Indexes; and I do hereby declare the following to be full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make anduse the same. Y This invention relates to improvements in card indexes of the visible type wherein cards are mounted in a holder or slide and overlie each other,'the object of my resent invention being to provide a simp e and eiiicient construction embodying a card 'and its support made in a single piece of cardboard or other material capable of beingfiexed and in which provision is made to facilitate the uiding of the card support in a slide or hol er but permitting their ready and easy removal singly from the holder or their insertion thereinto, and to so construct such combined cards and supports that there shall be, normally, an interlocking relation between adjacent combined devices, preventing removal of such combined devices collectively bt permitting the same to be moved in the holder singly 'or collectively. With this and other objects in view the invention consists incertain novel features of construction and ..combinations of parts. as hereinafter set forth and pointed out in the claims- In the accompanying drawings,- Figure 1 is a face view of a card index embodying my improvements. Figure 1f*l is a view in longitudinal section. Figure 2 is a view of the blank from which the combined card and support may be made. Figure 3 is a perspectlve view of one of the combined devices, showing the front of the same. Figure 4 is a similar view showing the rear of the combined device, and Figure 5 is a detail sectional view on the line 5-5 of Figure 1. In Figure 1 of the drawings I have shownl a holder 1 for cards, said holder being pref. ' combined 3 upon which thelbottom card of the series may rest and permit this card and the overlying cards to be disposedllatly. The side anges 2 of the holder may be bent downwardl' close against the platform 3 .near their ower end portions as at 3a and thus close the lower portion of the guide-ways formed -by said anges. The ho der 1 receives a plurality of overlyin cards and their supports and each combine device comprising a card and a support may be made of cardboard or other material which is capable of iexing. In the blank shown in Figure 2, the portion 4 thereof constitutes an index card and the portion 5 an integral support for said card.' Folding linesy are indicated at 6 and 7 on Fi re 2 and between the side edges of the device a centrally located slot 8 is provided which is approximately coincident with the folding line 6. The blank is folded backwardly on the line 6 and then forwardly on the line 7 and the integral strip 9 thus formed is cemented or otherwise secured to the body portion of the support 5, the juncture of thev card 4 with the support 5 along the foldin line 6 constituting a hinged connection o the card with its support somewhat above the lower edge of the bod portion of the latter, as clearly shown in igure 3. The support portion of the combined device projectslaterally beyond the Side edges of the card and forms lateral ton es 10-10 to enter the guide-ways provi ed by the flanges 2 of the holder; A comparatively wide tongue 11 projects upwardly from the central ortion of the support 5 and when the com ined devices are assembled in the holder 1, the tongue 11 of one card su port will pass through the slot 8 of the combined device above the same. In this manner the several combined' devices of the series will have interlocking connection with each other so that by grasping one card andl movin the same upwardly (as viewed in Figure 1 all the su erimposed combined devices may be similar moved, but if desired one of the devices may be moved in one direction or the other or several may be thus moved when the series as a whole shall have been separated at some intermediate point. The material of which the combined devices is made is suiciently flexible to permit a single combined device to be bowed suiiiciently to withdraw the lateral tongues 10 from the guide-ways of the holder but when index, oonsisti e lurality o combined devices ere interloe ed with each other they will not, es e whole, be sniiciently iexihle t'o be removed collectively from the holder in, this mennen Hoving fully described my invention what I claim es new end desire to secure by Letters Patent, is: L ln e cerd index, the combinetionwith e holder having guide-ways, of eilnrelitii 1n ser of index devices movebly mounte holder, each of seid devices comprising in e Single integral strueture,en index Gerd, a support therefor having lateral tongues end an upwardly projecting tongue, eech index device havin e slot to receive e tongue of en ed'eeent index device, i I index device for e visible cerd of an index cerd member, e, sup ort mem er integra-i therewith end provi. ed with tongues projecting beyond the side edges of the index card member', said support heving e central upwardly projecting tongue, and said index device having -bers end again folde neveee e slot to receive the upwardly projecting tongue'of another index device, 3. A combined index device for e visible cerd index, comprising en index verd member sind e, support member,said support member folded and providing a, hin e oon= nection between the su port and cer memupon itself and se-1 cured, the ends of the folded support memher forming lateral tongues end seid support member provided with e centre-l upwardly projecting tongue, seid combined device hav ing a.- centrelly located elongated slot epproximetely coincident with the hinge conn neetion between the card and support members. In testimony whereof, I. have signed this speeieetion in the presence of two subseribing witnesses ROBERT C., RUSSELL., Witnesses: Re ALEXANDER Donne, B Wimmmen



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