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l 11,468,189 W. R. WOODS UNIVERSAL JOINT Sept. 18, 1923. o ri i nai Filed ane 11, 1920 M ir: eases: l/z Ve /z in; 1 Patented Sept. 18, 192.3. , warren sta 3 WW WALTER a. woo'ns, on CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, assrenon, :ev ninsun ASSIGNMENTS, 'IQ WILLIAM iaursonnnia, rnnsrnii, or eosnnn, INDIANA. UNIVERSAL JOINT. Application filed tim 11,1920, Serial no. 338,206. and useful Improvements in Universal' Joints, of which the following isa specification. V 1 Myinvention relates to improvements in universal joints for power shafts of power driven vehicles, such as. automobiles,-,1notorcycles, and the like, and has for its object the provision of an improved construction oftlns character,arranged and adapted to. prevent sudden jars and shocks in the appli cation of the power, and which is of simple construction, eflicient in operation, and 0a pable of econimical manufacture. Otherobjects will appear hereinafter. The invention consists in the combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described and claimed. The invention will be best understood by reference .to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, and in which, 7 v v Fig. 1, isa face view, shown partially in section, of a joint'embodying thcinvention, and r Y l. Fig. 2, a transverse section of the same. The preferred forni'of construction, as illustrated in the drawings,-comprises aplate' 3 having a central hub 4E fitted over the end of a shaft section 5,and secured thereto by nut 6, thus effectinga rigid connection between said shaftsection and the plate 3. The plate '3 is provided'with an annular groove 7 near its periphery, and a split band 8 is arranged with one edge seated in said groove; The other edge of theband 8 is supported by a ring 9 having an annular groove 10 fitting the other edge thereof, thus forming an annular casing on the end of the shaft section 5 which is closed on three sides, but open on its inner side, as indicated. The ring 9 is heldin place bytwo bolts 11 positioned diametrically withrespect to each other. 7 V Supporting blocks 12 are mounted with- 5 either direction around the inner periphery thereof, said bloc-ks being connected together by half. circularrings 1 3 seating in notches 7 14; in'said blocks as shown, and whereby said in this annular casing to movefreely in Renewed February 7, 1923. 'blockswill becompellfed to. move in unison with each other. .Abutinent blocks 15 are mounted on the bolts 11 and thus are positioned diametrically with respect to each other, and on a diameter substantially at right angles tov'the normal diameter of blocks 12. Compression. springs l6 are arranged in the casing. with their ends seated ion the blocks12 and 15as shown, there be- .ing'four of the springs 16, and said springs serving to yleldingly resist angular move ments of the blocks 12. A yoke 17 is provided at its ends with trunnions 18 fitting loosely in suitable sockets provided in the blocks 12, said yoke spanning the nut 6 and passing freely throughthe opening in'ring 9. A joint member 19 is pivoted to the yoke 17 by means of a bolt 20 passing therethrough at substantially right angles to the axis of the trunnions 1S, and, with the yoke 17 constituting a universal joint. The member 19 is provided with a socket 21 rigidly attached to the end of another shaft section 22 arranged opposite the shaft section 5. By this: arrangement, it will be observed, that, upon application of power to one of the shaft sections,- said power will be transmitted to the other shaft section through the medium of the springs 16, thus effecting tortionaily yielding connection said shafts, which tends to lessen the shocks and -'jars incident to the application of power, maybe readily taken apart and assembled, when desired, and which is capable of econoinical manufacture. lVhile I have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying my invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification without departing from the spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details of construction set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications. as come within the scope of the appended claims. Having described my invention, what I angularly movable diametrically positioned supporting blocks in said casing; spr ngs resisting mo ement's o f said blocks; a yoke 'pivotally mounted on said blocks; a joint ,niember pivoted to said yoke on an axis 1e substantially. atlright anglesto the pivot axis thereof;- and means for attaching a shaft sectionto said oint member, substantially as described. I V universal ointlor power shafts of polwer driven Vehicles comprising a circular 'CZtSlIl section, snbs'tantrally as describedi 'j casing; having provision for attachment to a sha'i section; two diametrically positioned supporting blocksjmounted in said casing to move -freely iii-either directioi'ialong-the internal circumference "thereoi substan' tia'lly Jhalt 'crrcnlar rings connec't'inglsald' bloclts compelling movement thereof in un1 'Qson with each other; abutment bloc'ks in said casing positioned diametrically wit-h reference to each otheria'nd on a diameter at substantially-right angles to that of said supporting blocks; compression springs positioned between-said supporting and abutmen-t blocks; and a universal joint having another shaft section,substantially as described. 1 3. A universal oint for powershaftsof power d-r-ivcn vehicles comprising circular casing having-provision for attachment to a shaft section; two diametrically positioned supporting blocks mounted in said; casing to movefreely; in either direct on along the internal circumference thereof; substantially halfcircular rings connecting said blocks compelling movement thereof-in unison with eaclrotlier; abutment blocks in said casing positioned diametrically with reterenceto each other and-on a diameter Z atsubstantially?right angles to that of said 7 supporting blocks; connjression'springs positioned between said-supporting and abutnientbloclrs; ayoke having trunnions at its ends pivotally mounted in said supporting :7 r power driven fvehicles comprisingja V V angular. movable diametrically positioned supporting blocks in saidcasingynotches provided in opposite sidesi-of said blocks; ber, substantially as described, 1 A 14. A uniyersal. join for power shafts, of casing substantially hztlficircular' rings engag ng 7 said "notches compelling'fm'o ement of said blocks in 111115011 w th,eachiotlieraand a r j oint member piyotall y carried 1 by a said locks substantially-at,right -anglesto said aadaptedf to be attachedjjtoa, shaft- 5.111; ine'chanismgfloii"the charact, rfidelscribed; a rotatable element haying a guide and-to that or the first mentioned rotatable element; andga resilient cushion i'nternie-J (hate the bearing" block andtliestop. '6. In mceha.nism oftl'ief characterkdel fll' scribed a rotatableelemeirt having a guide arcuately disposed ina"pl'aneftransyerse to, i said elements axis and:haying a'stop; a bearing block having an arcuate movement on said member jconcentri'e with the guide; a second rotatableeljement a member inter: mediate said rotatable element, rockabl'e on the bearing block andon thesecondfrotatable element OIl-1'2UXES- transverse to each other' and to that of thelfirst mentironedro' tatable element and a resihentjcushmn 111-, have signed n y In] testimony whereof II. of two subscribing," Witnesses. YVit-nesses: V r H i 'Josnrnrlt; H. Poms,- I WLTE3 amps 7 any



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