Sealing-wax candle



July 24, i923. l H. HOHMANN SEALING WAX CANDLE Filed July 14, 1922 Patented July 24, i923.. i @Felton SEALNGNZTAX CANDLE. Application led July 14, T 0 all whom t may concern: Be it known that l, HUGO HOHMANN, a citizen of the German -Republic, residing at Kopenick, near Bei'lin, Germany, have invented certain nevv end useful improvements in Sealing-V7 21X Candles (for which l have filed lpplcs-ition for patent in many 26th July, 1921), of which the following` is a. specification. This invention relates to c stick oie sealing; Wax in which e candle with Wick is e1nbedded. This candle which gives a {isnie is coated upon its outei' suilnce with :1 substance which does not melt easily and only et high teinperetuie but is combustible sind impermeable to sir. n the sticks oi sealing` Wai; with a. Wick impeg'nated with Wax, steaiin, paraffin, heid alcohol or similar substances, the irnpregneiting" substances Inelt et the moulding;- owing; to the hot temperature of the sealing Wax Whereioin results the inconvenience that the impregncting substances sdinif; with the sealing Wax and deiile the seine so that the Haine of the Wick :is soon as it gets et the sealing' Wax extinguishes frequentlyY and the point at which the Wick burns gets charred. This invention has foi" its object to obviate these inconveniences and to permit the continuous sealing. ln ordei1 that the invention muv be clearly undeistood, l shell heieaiter proceed to desf/ibs the sume with fcference to the form of construction shown by Wav of example, on the accompanying drawing. lese. serial no. 575,107. a is a stick 0ic sealing Wax'. which may be of any convenient shape and dimensions, ln this stick a a. candle Y) .is embedded the Wick c of which projects slightly from the upp edge of the stiel: on. The candle F9 consists preferably of s materiel adopted to produce s. bright {iame not giving off any soot and it is coated upon its 'outei surface by a layer (Z of u not easily combustible substance in'ipeimeable to nii, such as for inH stance Zspon lake, collodion oi' the like. These coating; substances serve to prevent the softening4 of the candle and to piotect the et the moulding othe stick oif sealing ivan as Well as against the influences of" the telnpeeture. t is obvious that the material oi' the candle andl the sealing;l Wax a will continuously melt as soon as the Wiel: has been lighted so that the sealing Wax candle con be con-- tinuously used foi' sealing. l claim:- A sealing-wax candle conSistine` of' e. stiel; 01"' sealing-Wax, of e candle embedded in said stick end of s coating of said candle Qonsistlng of u substance which melts onli7 it high temperatures. In testimony whereof I aiiix my siguatuze in presence of tivo Witnesses. HUGO HOER/KANN. Witnesses JULTUs S. ARLT, E. HOLTZERIEN.



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