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US-1460655-A: Combination cutting and welding tcrch patent, US-1461185-A: Medicinal device patent, US-1462402-A: Railway-freight-car door patent, US-1462601-A: Sealing-wax candle patent, US-1462672-A: Shipping box for carboys patent, US-1462688-A: Apparatus for handling ore patent, US-1462899-A: Furnace for melting and casting patent, US-1463348-A: Pattern for casting steel wheels patent, US-1463460-A: Sealing machine patent, US-1463503-A: Dispensing packet for waxed paper patent, US-1463599-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1464854-A: Guard for automobile ignition switches patent, US-1465056-A: Golf club patent, US-1465581-A: Wrapper patent, US-1466752-A: Safety device for phonographs patent, US-1467413-A: Spark plug patent, US-1467724-A: Folding box patent, US-1467908-A: Stand for velocipedes patent, US-1468189-A: Universal joint patent, US-1468372-A: Ash receiver patent, US-1468709-A: Bag-mouth expander patent, US-146885-A: Improvement in boring-machines patent, US-1469155-A: Valve rocker arm patent, US-1469232-A: Vehicle brake patent, US-1469260-A: Carrier telegraph circuits patent, US-1469831-A: Shoe patent, US-1470139-A: Aerial extension ladder patent, US-1470285-A: Friction draft gear patent, US-1470477-A: Brake shoe patent, US-1470594-A: Secret signaling system patent, US-1471624-A: Magnetic chuck patent, US-1471848-A: Portable scaffold patent, US-1471951-A: Collapsible concrete mold patent, US-1471975-A: Coal cutter patent, US-1472237-A: Telephone transmission system patent, US-1472385-A: Process of separating hydrocarbons from water patent, US-1472979-A: Gate for railway crossings or the like patent, US-1473838-A: Lever arm for switches, rheostats, and like electric devices patent, US-147435-A: Improvement in fire-proof construction for vaults patent, US-1474453-A: Retaining device for demountable rims patent, US-14745-A: Corn-shelleb patent, US-1475298-A: Boot-blacking machine patent, US-1475327-A: Absorption and condensing apparatus patent, US-1476348-A: Shoe lacing patent, US-1478039-A: Triarylmethane dyes patent, US-1478764-A: Card index patent, US-1479821-A: Sheet stacker patent, US-1479860-A: Electric candle patent, US-148019-A: Improvement in portable cameras patent, US-1480220-A: Cart with sidewards-tiltable bridge patent, US-1480305-A: Garter patent, US-1481213-A: Electric motor patent, US-1482404-A: Die block patent, US-1482689-A: Tire pump patent, US-148292-A: Improvement in machines for chipping beef patent, US-1483134-A: Needling machine patent, US-1483746-A: Safety-razor-blade-sharpening device patent, US-1483812-A: Piston packing patent, US-1484485-A: Switchman's flag patent, US-1484726-A: Machine for setting potatoes patent, US-1485438-A: Storage-battery box patent, US-1485440-A: Appliance for purifying and moistening air patent, US-1487085-A: Paste-tube and brush holder patent, US-1487782-A: Fender brace patent, US-1489447-A: Tray-raising mechanism patent, US-1489488-A: Safety relief valve patent, US-149069-A: Improvement in gas-regulators patent, US-1490939-A: Cigar perforator patent, US-1491092-A: Heat-treating substance packed in sealed receptacles patent, US-1491388-A: Air pump patent, US-1492649-A: Accelerator patent, US-1492896-A: Fire door for furnaces patent, US-1493991-A: Concrete ship patent, US-1494343-A: Ranging truck patent, US-1494663-A: Traffic signal patent, US-1494811-A: Art of reproducing piano playing patent, US-1495637-A: Sheet-metal-strip-forming machine patent, US-1495740-A: Automatic air-brake-releasing mechanism patent, US-1496650-A: Egg tray for incubators patent, US-1497521-A: Player-piano action patent, US-149801-A: Improvement in soldering-irons patent, US-1500452-A: Plaster wall board patent, US-1501154-A: Automobile fender patent, US-1501919-A: Rubber holder for cylinders patent, US-1502288-A: Shelf support patent, US-1503333-A: Grab patent, US-1504008-A: Bread and butter machine patent, US-1505059-A: Lawn or hedge cutter patent, US-1505893-A: Silencer for internal-combustion engines patent, US-1506062-A: Method of molding hollow objects patent, US-1506257-A: Sanitary inclosing means for toothbrushes patent, US-1506568-A: Ckear-positiosrilj-g mechanism patent, US-1507315-A: Manifold heating system patent, US-1508033-A: Wrench patent, US-1508212-A: Brick machine patent, US-1508678-A: Valve remover patent, US-1509557-A: Fluid-fuel burner and supply apparatus patent, US-1509674-A: Consumer of flue impurities patent, US-1510001-A: Ophthalmic mounting patent, US-1510039-A: Gas burner for boilers and other furnaces patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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