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US-2015133588-A1: Polymer composition containing organic nonlinear optical compound patent, US-2015151309-A1: Flotation Machine Rotor patent, US-2015226587-A1: Electronic measurement device capable of displaying data in the form of two dimensional matrix code, electronic reader, electronic installation and transmission method associated therewith patent, US-2015296362-A1: Secure sharing of device voice and data services with fee based policies patent, US-2015300927-A1: Sample probe inlet flow system patent, US-2016027027-A1: System and method of market valuation for resource extraction companies using monte carlo simulation patent, US-2016262661-A1: Walking aid and system and method of gait monitoring patent, US-2016278501-A1: Cosmetic product dispensing head comprising a scraping member, and associated packaging device patent, US-2016346918-A1: Robot system for conveying article in suspended condition patent, US-2016373318-A1: Debugging Auto-Attach Entities (Client And Proxy) Using Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) And Shortest Path Bridging MAC (SPBM) Cloud patent, US-2017033087-A1: Stack semiconductor package structure and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2017104685-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving packet in communication system patent, US-2017114165-A1: ETHYLENE-a-OLEFIN COPOLYMER AND OLEFIN RESIN COMPOSITION patent, US-2016022394-A1: An oral care appliance using pulsed fluid flow and mechanical action patent, US-2016274152-A1: Current measuring apparatus, image forming apparatus, conveyance apparatus and method for measuring current patent, US-2017230885-A1: User equipment and cell handover method patent, US-2015125539-A1: Compositions and methods for ophthalmic and/or other applications patent, US-2015144713-A1: Repellant system and method patent, US-2016196582-A1: Subscriber location audience insights for enterprise networks patent, US-2016221561-A1: Brake booster system patent, US-2016226025-A1: Fluorine-containing plasma polymerized hmdso for oled thin film encapsulation patent, US-2017084003-A1: Flexible control in resizing of visual displays patent, US-2015178972-A1: Animated Visualization of GPS Data in a GIS System patent, US-2015209336-A1: Isothiazole-pyridine derivatives as modulators of hif (hypoxia inducible factor) activity patent, US-2015223974-A1: Patient heat exchange system with transparent wall for viewing circulating refrigerant patent, US-2015268683-A1: Direct load control frequency regulation support system patent, US-2015276055-A1: Gear box for a working machine and a method for controlling a gear box patent, US-2015302546-A1: Flex rendering based on a render target in graphics processing patent, US-2016041009-A1: Micro-electromechanical apparatus having signal attenuation-proof function, and manufacturing method and signal attenuation-proof method thereof patent, US-2016339245-A1: Dynamic Current Steering patent, US-2017030059-A1: Seamless connecting drain structure of metallic sink patent, US-2017163739-A1: Scalable, real-time messaging system patent, US-2015318819-A1: Solar panel housing patent, US-2016025575-A1: Adapter for Measuring a Physical Variable patent, US-2016059905-A1: Hybrid composite instrument panel patent, US-2016114304-A1: Method and apparatus for preparing aerogel by drying under reduced pressure patent, US-2016277608-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system patent, US-2017104178-A1: Light emitting device and method of manufacturing a light emitting device patent, US-2016112579-A1: Operating system supporting cost aware applications patent, US-2016125605-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and ultrasound imaging apparatus having image processing unit patent, US-2015282103-A1: System, method, and apparatus for controlling dual connectivity uplink power patent, US-2016059987-A1: A core tray patent, US-2017050811-A1: Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, US-2017068431-A1: Methods and systems for in silico experimental designing and performing a biological workflow patent, US-2017083476-A1: High performance interconnect physical layer patent, US-2015273309-A1: Apparatus for correcting golf address patent, US-2015142270-A1: Self tuning universal steering control system, method, and apparatus for off-road vehicles patent, US-2015199895-A1: Emergency notification within an alarm community patent, US-2015228806-A1: Chip diode and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2015281449-A1: Computer-Implemented System And Method For Detecting Events For Use In An Automated Call Center Environment patent, US-2015160400-A1: Illuminating glazing with incorporated deflector patent, US-2016015132-A1: Military vest and quick release buckle with electrical connectors patent, US-2015243647-A1: Driver circuit, method of manufacturing the driver circuit, and display device including the driver circuit patent, US-2017147388-A1: Configuration manager and method for configuring a host system for processing a processing job in a virtual data-processing environment patent, US-2015173120-A1: Systems and methods for multi-connectivity operation patent, US-2016043621-A1: Household appliance patent, US-2015322860-A1: Variable vane segment patent, US-2015136499-A1: Vehicle patent, US-3734288-A: Discharge device for the bottom fraction at a vortex type separator patent, US-3838551-A: Compacted refuse cutting device in refuse compactor patent, US-3809432-A: Rotary tool head for a continuous boring machine patent, US-2015251143-A1: System, method and capsules for producing sparkling drinks patent, US-2015306949-A1: Hybrid vehicle drive device patent, US-2016036503-A1: Method and apparatus for operating a power save mode in a wireless lan system patent, US-2016037928-A1: Modular Furniture patent, US-2016050574-A1: Detection and mitigation of denial-of-service attacks in wireless communication networks patent, US-2016060282-A1: Method for producing novel organometallic complex and amine compound patent, US-2016091586-A1: Medical imaging apparatus having multiple subsystems, and operating method therefor patent, US-2016107194-A1: Three-port piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer patent, US-2016141458-A1: Light-emitting device patent, US-2016185600-A1: Carbon material, material for a battery electrode, and battery patent, US-2016209780-A1: Tubular body, tubular body unit, and intermediate transfer body for image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method for manufacturing tubular body patent, US-2016251897-A1: Expandable Fence Gate Frame Assembly patent, US-2016333188-A1: Hydrophobic fluorinated coatings patent, US-2016347203-A1: Dual motor power system and control method for pure electric vehicle patent, US-2017004836-A1: Audio decoder for wind and microphone noise reduction in a microphone array system patent, US-2017009237-A1: Short Interfering RNA (siRNA) Analogues patent, US-2017053068-A1: Methods for enhancing wellness associated with habitable environments patent, US-2017057675-A1: Article selection and packaging system patent, US-2017085484-A1: Method and devices for controlling usage of multi-path tcp patent, US-2017114586-A1: Door opening and closing device patent, US-2017153337-A1: Positron emission tomography imaging patent, US-2017165675-A1: Counter-rotating pinned disc mill patent, US-2017186010-A1: Register system configured to automatically generate notifications regarding product registrations patent, US-2017212553-A1: Housing and electronic device using the same patent, US-2017249592-A1: System and method for automatically filling out forms patent, US-2017259490-A1: Fastening method for components patent, US-2017271505-A1: N-type lateral double-diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor patent, US-2017343908-A1: Photoconductor, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge patent, US-2017357092-A1: Display system patent, US-2017361467-A1: Robot, control device, and robot system patent, US-2018013660-A1: Namespace routing patent, US-3658793-A: 6-amino-5-aza- and -5 7-diaza-azulenes and process for the production thereof patent, US-2015160569-A1: Lithographic apparatus patent, US-2015252892-A1: Automatic transmission equipped with friction element having locking mechanism attached thereto, and control method therefor patent, US-2015375839-A1: Method Of Manufacturing A Garment Equipped With Lumens Configured To Hold Air patent, US-2016235102-A1: Sweetener composition, sweetener products, and methods of sweetening patent, US-2017085936-A1: Network-Loss Tolerant Mobile Broadcast Systems and Algorithms patent, US-2017323994-A1: Heterojunction schottky gate bipolar transistor patent, US-2015306193-A1: Compositions and methods for treating immune conditions, including type 1 diabetes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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